A Sad World






The sad walker.

Walk the shore of our inner ocean.

Hikes the hills with empty eyes.

Climbs the mountain,

With no pain in sight.

Sad because life is slipping,

Out of reach and touch.

As he is locked inside a mirrored world...

And never saw the sunset.


The sad crawler.

Crawls in the dark towards the morning.

Without noticing.

Birds that try.

With all their hearts.

To calm the worry.

And let his eyes open to see the world.

To see all the beauty ...

That always been there.


The sad sleeper.

Sleep so long so long.

Life passes as she stares.

At the empty world that lure,

Our life away from reality.

Resting on that jewel that we all.

Love to see flourishing ...

gently in the greens.


The sad lover.

Loves to give parts of herself.

For others to taste and return.

A message of 'I love you too'

A message of 'Thank you'

Sad as no one wants to return the gift,

And then she roots her soul.

To become a statue ...

Of sorrow.


The sad father.

Who sees the beauty of all he nursed.

The flowers in the garden he planted.

Nursed through life's ups and downs.

With a worried mind.

He sees her hard work.

Is lost in the calm storm,

That roams our society.

Lost to the dark screen in the palm...

And he cries.


The sad mother.

Who taught her sons and daughters to love.

Life as she did and her parents before him.

But now her children.

Sit with empty eyes.

And is slowly mummified.

As the clock of the world has all stopped.

Frozen all joy in life and bottled it in a jar.

Marked; do not open.

And the mirror does not show.

Thhose smiles that fails to spring ...

Out of their prison.


This poem is dark and of course life is usually not this difficult and tough although I have met persons that are suffering from some of this melancholia including myself. The idea is to paint roughness in life with dark strokes to make us recognize these pitfalls but also appreciate the poetry if we get entangled in such a downwinding spiral. To feel the darkness and force it pitch dark can make us see the light again is the core idea of this poetic expression.