An European way for Muslims?

As an atheist, an ignorant person regarding the great religions, but someone that cares and sincerely want's the world to become better, that worries that in the future, people will destroy what good is, how the world is attacked by division, how I see patronizing is poisoning our world, how a distrust for letting time help improve what you think is wrong, how you do not listen and adapt to problems that you, yourself does not see. Here I want to discuss what right wing or even as some says extreme right wings say about Muslims in Sweden. I will try to balance the discussion, it may offend you but that is not the intention. I'm honestly want to mitigate not force. I also recognize that this text should be much longer to shed light on all aspects of the question, it is simplified and targeted. That can be a feature as well, and you are most welcomed to take up the chalange to improve and put some more light that guide us.

Let's start with this link (Swedish) Jomshof

This is a guy from the Swedish "far" right party SD that has about 20% of the population vote in Sweden from the last election in the beginning of September. But the wise listen and contemplate and then try to do an intelligent commentary.

So he is critical of the Muslim religion and claim that from his secular and atheistic perspective the Muslim religion has more problems than in particular the Protestant Christians. This statement will of cause offend people quite a lot and to stress these facts without wrapping it in a context will most likely lead to conflicts and a downward cycle of violence. But let's be level headed and analyze, let's look at it from his stand point.

We have a few facts to consider. The society develops and also our knowledge and we are all people that is stuck in the time we live. We have all blind spots today and before. But the important thing now is that we learned to be more loving and human, as the society is less unequal, is less dangerous, we experience more cultures, is basically, at least in Sweden more rich. We are standing on the shoulders of the giants of the past. Now if you consider Jesus. He did not have the responsibility to be a leader and organize the society of the time with the knowledge of the time. He was contemplating what it is to be a human, how it is to worship what he believed where God, how he saw all the issues of the human societies and wanted to together with God improve upon it. Muhammad on the other hand was both a political leader and at the same time transcribed what he believed was the word of God. It is as it is. If we look at this scientifically, assume that there is a God that fills the void somehow. These two being seamed to connect in a way that was strong and did not made them insane at the same time (think about it, a modern person that claimed what they claimed would go straight to a mental institution in our society). We certainly know that genetics works, so the ability to connect varies probably in the population, and as chance showed, Jesus and Mohamed had different societal traits. Of cause in detail you can disagree with this, but we are now discussing with an atheist and a skeptic of your religion so we need to speak his/her language. In any way the social traits interfere with the message, although it can be strong, we think in pictures and the pictures are built by our experience. Of cause the core message of Jesus is less intermingled with the societal expression at the time as both the story has been filtered through some generations, and Muhammad was dealing with very practical issues. I think he even realized this and asked his followers to listen to what he says ans not worship his image, a wise mitigation and a clue that we should realize that Muslims most likely read the Koran with the filter of their heart to let God emphasize the essence of his words. In other words not read the Koran like the devil just as a Christian or any other religion should not read the blessed words with a darkened mind. Now the point we should take home here is that this basic operation would mean that automatically a modern Swedish born Muslim that, as all humans, recognize what's good in our society, will not be the problem Jomshof fears. Of cause this is not always the case, and focus may be on the bad side of being an immigrant or forces that prevent's your freedom and because we do not have the statistics to say that "oh this is not a problem" or "oh Salafisms is spreading like wild fire" some mitigation's and effort needs to be done. The problem I have with Jomshof is that although he recognize an issue, the message is badly communicated and I suspect it mostly steer up hate and fear. My hope with this analysis is to shed some light how to mitigate the risk, to let people that are Muslims in Sweden contemplate the context, to be able to communicate and show that they recognize the issues, that it is already mitigated or to allow us all to work together to improve and spread the mitigating strategies that can counter the spreading of the images from former times where freedoms that we enjoy today was forbidden or for that case patronizing words that lead in the end to havoc. Maybe it all ends with Salafisms not spreading to Europe, but the best parts of Europe spreading to middle east. while keeping the word of God intact. Now I have spoken with as many heads that I could manage, if I missed you, I'm sorry. The intention is to do good. In the end it's down to teamwork - that's the message ringing in my head.