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  1. Patience

    It was a watershed moment for my daughter. This big moment in a person's life where one moves out of the parents' house and starts a life of their own. This moment was last Sunday, when she moved to a university city to follow her heart and take the humanities …

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  2. Trolls in Our Heart

    In today's world, it seems that everything has become overly sexualized. From advertisements to social media, this focus often overshadows deeper connections and meaningful relationships. As someone who has navigated this landscape, I want to share my perspective on the matter. I can understand the excitement and enjoyment of sex …

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  3. I Love You

    The words in this title represent what we all want to hear. Maybe not too often, but something the one we care for should whisper to us just by their presence in our life. If this nerve disappears, and you only recognize him or her as someone who has the …

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  4. Storytelling

    There is a storyteller hiding in many of us. This skill often doesn't see the light of day as we tend to keep such hidden traits concealed. We often view the past as uninteresting for children and even adults. That was my impression from historic exhibitions that spoke of times …

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  5. Another Gray Day

    Here we are again. Another gray day with rain. Summer in Sweden can be a bit challenging, and with my luck, I've caught a nasty cold. I've been sleeping quite a lot and had a fever. No energy in my body. I woke up slightly in the afternoon and felt …

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  6. Ännu en grå dag

    Nu var vi där igen. Ännu en grå dag med regn. Sommaren i Sverige kan vara lite utmanande, och med min tur så har jag fått en rejäl förkylning. Jag har sovit en hel del och haft feber. Ingen ork i kroppen. Jag vaknade lite grann på eftermiddagen och kände …

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  7. Burning of books

    The recent frenzy of burning the Quran in Sweden prompts me to express my views. Specifically, I'd like to discuss the possibility of a law in Sweden that forbids burning certain books in public for political statements. Note that i am partial.

    We must determine which books should be protected …

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  8. War And Peace

    The best result interacting with ChatGPT is to write e.g. you own poem to introduce the complexity of a thought and then ask it to reproduce it in some other modified version. This is such an example where I tought ChatGPT with my more general poem War Vs Peace …

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  9. Slow

    One of my inspirations is the vivid imagery of human pleasures in slow motion. Sure one would normally think I mean our sensual aspects of life. For this certainly slowness is a bit too narrow as things can be so heated that everything just ends in an "explosion". I would …

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  10. Piano

    So let's enter the post with an esoteric personal reflection,

    Consider our inner silent voice of intelligence, our guardian angel, or whatever you call this companion dual personality. I think we all have an underlying persona that is unconscious and serves our conscious with images and creativity. And by nursing …

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  11. Rain

    Have you ever thought about that mysterious enchantment that was present in our consciousness a few generations ago? A little sun after a heavy rain shower, then zooming ahead on the wet roads now warmed by the sun, makes me think of the Swedish artist John Bauer's pictures. You know …

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  12. Regn

    Har ni tänkt på det där trolska mystiska som fanns i våran medvetandes mylla för några generationer sedan. Lite sol efter en häftig regnskur och sedan susa fram på de blöta vägar som nu blir uppvärmda av solen får mig att tänka lite i Bauers bilder, ni vet, han som …

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  13. Svensk Sommar






    Träden efter vägen böjer sig inför sommar ljuset,

    genom löven strilar solens strålar och leker tafatt

    med de präktiga åldriga stammarna

    Kronan vajar så sakteliga i vinden

    ger skugga där man ligger

    och filosoferar.


    Fåren i hagen betar lite gräs,

    Tänker att ett sakta idislande,

    Som förvandlar maten till näring …

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  14. A Sad World






    The sad walker.

    Walk the shore of our inner ocean.

    Hikes the hills with empty eyes.

    Climbs the mountain,

    With no pain in sight.

    Sad because life is slipping,

    Out of reach and touch.

    As he is locked inside a mirrored world...

    And never saw the sunset.


    The sad crawler …

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  15. Creativity






    Slowly moves the day ... step by step.

    The walk of ideas in the mind takes ...

    A bath.

    Bathing in the sunlight, a shower,

    Of non words and non images.

    That wet the body of my soul.


    Then after a good espresso.

    At the cafe' where the roads meet.

    Sitting and …

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  16. Food Dance

    This is a sort of emotional diary, shifting between past and future in how it is based on personal experiences. It is a bit disconnected as our life can be, still there is some kind of connection, however it is deep and personal. It all started with an introspection thought …

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  17. Solitude






    The taste of life trickles down

    And that warm glowing light inside is somehow

    Wagging the night into dawn.

    I wake up in the early morning,

    Darkness outside and

    Memories of smiles and laughter,

    Echoes between the wall's of solitude.

    And it touches me.


    The dreams enters the morning steps …

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  18. On Charge

    I now stopped the development of my article, and submitted it to a preprint server. It's not finished, but in such a good shape that it should attract the attention for more work and start spreading. The article is here. The next step is to be affiliated with a university …

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  19. On Atom physics

    This is a discussion based on the rudimentary paper On atom energy states

    The idea is as follows. Randell Mills has a bunch of interesting expressions for energy states in different atomic and molecular contexts that are beneficial for chemistry understanding. however these formulas do not not following a deduction …

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  20. Life and Death

    I was inspired by a bed time story I told in the darknes when putting my daughter to bed some years ago. I just invented the story on the fly and it was an amazing moment. The storyline is approximately the text in the question and the answer is from …

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