As a leaf falls, and the wheel of life turns,

We grieve the loss, and for unity, we yearn.

Yet in Buddha's teachings, we find our guide,

To understand impermanence, and put fear aside.


We who journey onward, along the Eightfold Path,

Hold your essence within, a light to combat wrath.

Our hearts seek solace, in the wisdom of the Dharma,

And through mindful practice, we'll find inner karma.


In moments of silence, your presence we'll feel,

As we honor your memory, with devotion and zeal.

Our future generations, your spirit will embrace,

Guided by compassion, in this endless race.


For in the Buddha's teachings, all life ebbs and flows,

In a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, it grows.

Your journey has led you, to a higher plane,

Where suffering ceases, and only peace remains.


And when our time comes, we'll meet once more,

In the endless cycle, on a distant shore.

Together, we'll walk, on the path of insight,

In Buddha's teachings, our spirits will unite.