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  1. A birthday poem

    (.  "A flower that want to stretch out"
        "Just a little towards sun"
        "to color a flare"
        "to touch our hearts"
        "and brings a message:"
        "i love you ..."
    (.  "A man of hate is strangling the light"
        "does not want colors to show"
        "does not want love"        
        "to be spoken"
        "an …
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  2. Poetry

    (. "After a good night's sleep,"
       "whispering ancient words"
       "in an unspoken language"
       "touches my soul,"
       "and begins its journey"
       "to my fingers.")
    (. "I sit and wait"
       "for inspiration."
       "Then suddenly,"
       "the flow comes.")
    (.  "A tide of ideas"
        "that twists my ancestors lives"
        "with what has reached my eyes"
        "and …
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  3. Wolf

    (.  "A flare touches my skin,"
        "my soul takes a bath"
        "in the clear morning"
        "as fresh cold air slowly twists around my body.")
    (.  "The wolf in me"
        "and outside of me,"
        "guard my sensitivity"
        "and I relax.")
    (.  "A black beauty,"
        "a concentrated soldier"
        "of ancient times"
        "marshes up my spine …
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  4. Knowledge

    (.  "Follow the flow,"
        "but keep it cool!"
        "To spend time waiting for knowledge"
        "to develop is never wrong.")
    (.  "I do not like"
        "when other people push things too fast"
        "for no apparent reason."
        "This includes me as well.")
    (.  "The reason is one of my favorite principles,"
        "to put your paper …
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  5. mindfullness

    (.  "Why do we need more mindfulness?"
        "Because it is important to listen to each other."
        "One of the things I am most proud of"
        "is when I stopped and listened to one person"
        "crying for help.")
    (.  "I listened to her through"
        "listening to myself."
        "Suddenly I got a feeling"
        "that …
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  6. Inspiration

    (.  "The flowers on the stream move so slowly,"
        "so gently."
        "A strange dance with the waves."
        "Hardly anything can remove these flowers"
        "as they are the souls we meet on the street,"
        "the souls we hear talk in the bus"
        "or the souls of our friends cheering a game.")
    (.  "Nothing …
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  7. Youth

    (.  "Frustration,"
        "you are so honest."
        "You show yourselves"
        "and we all try to understand you."
        "But for those ready to break up."
        "On the long journey called life,"
        "frustration is the fuel that enables you to take off.")
    (.  "Of course I would like a smile,"
        "but also deep inside I …
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  8. Dilemma

    (.  "What is good and what is evil"
        "when both are 'intelligent'."
        "Many many people go around here thinking that"
        "what says it is evil is evil and"
        "what says it's good is good.")
    (.  "As an example if a politician takes a photo op"
        "outside a church and signals,"
        "hey …
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  9. Karate

    (.  "A misspoken word,"
        "a Freudian slip and the silent self"
        "of the speaker shows themselves."
        "At least in the silent mind of a broken heart."
        "The Horse continues to laugh as heat"
        "from the other side starts to wind itself around worries,"
        "and memories of someone loved,"
        "who cries in …
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