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  1. Rain

    Have you ever thought about that mysterious enchantment that was present in our consciousness a few generations ago? A little sun after a heavy rain shower, then zooming ahead on the wet roads now warmed by the sun, makes me think of the Swedish artist John Bauer's pictures. You know …

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  2. A Sad World






    The sad walker.

    Walk the shore of our inner ocean.

    Hikes the hills with empty eyes.

    Climbs the mountain,

    With no pain in sight.

    Sad because life is slipping,

    Out of reach and touch.

    As he is locked inside a mirrored world...

    And never saw the sunset.


    The sad crawler …

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  3. Creativity






    Slowly moves the day ... step by step.

    The walk of ideas in the mind takes ...

    A bath.

    Bathing in the sunlight, a shower,

    Of non words and non images.

    That wet the body of my soul.


    Then after a good espresso.

    At the cafe' where the roads meet.

    Sitting and …

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  4. Solitude






    The taste of life trickles down

    And that warm glowing light inside is somehow

    Wagging the night into dawn.

    I wake up in the early morning,

    Darkness outside and

    Memories of smiles and laughter,

    Echoes between the wall's of solitude.

    And it touches me.


    The dreams enters the morning steps …

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  5. War Vs Peace






    War is best done, not wanting it.

    But something that has to be done.

    In order to see your children in the eyes ...

    In the years to come.

    To tell them stories ...

    About tyranny and madness.

    And what a real hero do.

    To make our life free ...

    Of men that …

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  6. Stolen Computer (ChatGPT4)

    This is an inside joke!





    (Verse 1)


    I stole my friend's computer, like a hacker in the night,

    With code radar blipping, my heart shining bright.

    But in the digital space, our friendship was lost,

    A broken RAM in my soul, a system failure at all cost.




    I was …

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  7. Nightingales






    A daughter's hand so tender,

    A painting of love, with birds she's rendered.

    She thinks they're souls, to visit they flew,

    Birds like the starlight, memories they drew.


    A father in battle, forever lost,

    A mother whose life, at violent cost.

    A child at play when bombs rained down,

    Their …

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  8. Budhismic






    As a leaf falls, and the wheel of life turns,

    We grieve the loss, and for unity, we yearn.

    Yet in Buddha's teachings, we find our guide,

    To understand impermanence, and put fear aside.


    We who journey onward, along the Eightfold Path,

    Hold your essence within, a light to combat …

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  9. Pig and Dinnner


    Can you propose a Christmas poem about a pig contemplating how he will make the people enjoy the Christmas dinner.


    Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the barn The pigs were a-snuffling, their snouts in the yard They dreamt of the treats that would soon be …

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  10. Taking the Blue Pill


    Make up a story about the blue pill and red pill from the Matrix movie where the character took the blue pill because he was the programmer behind the matrix and could not take the self referential explosion the red pill would result in


    In the year 2022 …

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  11. Food Fight


    tell a story about a dinner that ends in a food fight that ends with a roaster entering the fight coming through the window


    Once upon a time, a group of friends decided to have a dinner party at one of their houses. They spent the afternoon preparing …

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  12. Life and Death

    I was inspired by a bed time story I told in the darknes when putting my daughter to bed some years ago. I just invented the story on the fly and it was an amazing moment. The storyline is approximately the text in the question and the answer is from …

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  13. A birthday poem






    A flower that want to stretch out

    Just a little towards sun

    to color a flare

    to touch our hearts

    and brings a message:

    i love you ...



    A man of hate is strangling the light

    does not want colors to show

    does not want love

    to be spoken

    an …

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  14. Poetry






    After a good night's sleep,

    whispering ancient words

    in an unspoken language

    touches my soul,

    and begins its journey

    to my fingers.


    I sit and wait

    for inspiration.

    Then suddenly,

    the flow comes.


    A tide of ideas

    that twists my ancestors lives

    with what has reached my eyes

    and ears …

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  15. Wolf






    A flare touches my skin,

    my soul takes a bath

    in the clear morning

    as fresh cold air slowly twists around my body.


    The wolf in me

    and outside of me,

    guard my sensitivity

    and I relax.


    A black beauty,

    a concentrated soldier

    of ancient times

    marshes up my spine …

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  16. Knowledge






    Follow the flow,

    but keep it cool!

    To spend time waiting for knowledge

    to develop is never wrong.


    I do not like

    when other people push things too fast

    for no apparent reason.

    This includes me as well.


    The reason is one of my favorite principles,

    to put your paper …

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  17. Mindfullness






    Why do we need more mindfulness?

    Because it is important to listen to each other.

    One of the things I am most proud of

    is when I stopped and listened to one person

    crying for help.


    I listened to her through

    listening to myself.

    Suddenly I got a feeling

    that …

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  18. Inspiration






    The flowers on the stream move so slowly,

    so gently.

    A strange dance with the waves.

    Hardly anything can remove these flowers

    as they are the souls we meet on the street,

    the souls we hear talk in the bus

    or the souls of our friends cheering a game.


    Nothing …

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  19. Youth







    you are so honest.

    You show yourselves

    and we all try to understand you.

    But for those ready to break up.

    On the long journey called life,

    frustration is the fuel that enables you to take off.


    Of course I would like a smile,

    but also deep inside I …

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  20. Dilemma






    What is good and what is evil

    when both are 'intelligent'.

    Many many people go around here thinking that

    what says it is evil is evil and

    what says it's good is good.


    As an example if a politician takes a photo op

    outside a church and signals,

    hey I'm …

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  21. Karate






    A misspoken word,

    a Freudian slip and the silent self

    of the speaker shows themselves.

    At least in the silent mind of a broken heart.

    The Horse continues to laugh as heat

    from the other side starts to wind itself around worries,

    and memories of someone loved,

    who cries in …

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