Slowly moves the day ... step by step.

The walk of ideas in the mind takes ...

A bath.

Bathing in the sunlight, a shower,

Of non words and non images.

That wet the body of my soul.


Then after a good espresso.

At the cafe' where the roads meet.

Sitting and enjoy the smell and taste ...

Of people and this beautiful expression.

Called human creativity.


The story finds it's way.

As peoples choices during the day.

Blend so well with coffee.

And the drops of sorrows.

Raining down my spine.


Then focus enters.

Blood fills the void.

The relaxed brain starts to action.

And cut down on those lazy words.

And meaning shows it's shape.


The struggle is now to get the message.

Wrestling it to bring the meaning ...

Out of its prison.

How it all need to be painted.

With our seeking senses of a readers mind.

And get it to appreciate one's ...



The rest is then a kind of cure.

To let the fingers play as I zoom out.

A melody of all a lifes quest

To bring a nugget out of the flow of life.

And the poetry is found.