Sweden has an interesting story and is the country I know best as I live here. At the start of the war in Syria, Sweden open it's border for refugees and I got interested in the politics around it. It turned out that we had a similar but smaller event when there was a war in Balkan and especially the next generation of new citizens started to become a problem with violence, social alienation, poverty, bad standard of living, small spaces / apartments and on and on, not only problems but clearly challenges coming from that you start from nothing and also some racism or fear for the unknown, less contacts that can give you opportunities. Obviously with this amount of refugees as we opened the border, something needed to be done. Maybe a new extensive program to fix the worn out apartment building, new buildings, try to do it in a good but cheap way and so on. I lost interest though as this was guesswork and I'm not in that business and not a politician or anyone that people listen to (not many do that, it's mostly me and my relatives that read this and my post in social media anyway, which is my main target audience). Anyhow I expected lot's of problem and challenges ahead, that's was what history told me. No extensive effort was done that mattered though and in stead violence and alienation increased, crime and lack of respect for life surged. Unemployment yeah and the perfect storm, A neighbor that is pissed because we sort of freed east Europeans to decide their own destiny and not this neighboring genius. This 4D chess player was plotting like hell, using an army of people to infest the rosy eyed western societies that was responsible for the fall of this soviet masterpiece that nursed strong and "good" leaders like Stalin, Lenin, Breshniev ... So what can you do as a mastermind. Well you could trigger a Koran burning Danish clown to use our democratic rights to travel through out the Kingdom of Sweden, do his dance with matches and suddenly big riots with trashed police cars, stone throwing and what not. I bet the chess player have some power of poisoning these boys minds as well as the good Danish comedian. But what the hell (666, Hard rock ...) why on earth are the society so frigging stupid. When I read about this I got tons of ideas to counter this event. Such as get some religious/social event going on just beside him, let them speak about what's good in human, how religion can unite in stead of divide, how modern atteist enjoy the wisdom of words from any of the books. Have a comedian and get people to laugh, be wise, and then let a new book be born to counter the one that goes up in flames by that clown that completely lack humor. Now nothing was done, riot's appeared, people where injured, and Swedes flocked to the right extremes. And the left blow the horns to fight the good fight and the recent election started. Now I have friends that has totally freaked out, because they feel that they and their loved ones cannot walk freely anymore in their neighborhood. And they want action and that's what the election ended at, The Swedish people want action. If I was mean I would master my slaves to whip the poor in Sweden (mostly immigrants) to keep them from doing bad stuff. To be hard at Muslims (yeah many are frightened by them and they are a big chunk of the poor). More policemen, harder punishment. Less freedom (close Muslims schools, ban ethnic habits like how people woule like to dress). You name it that will of cause provoke them, and other groups that feel targeted and so the circle of death will move it's clock. This is the way the evil chess player might push his dagger in the back of my family and friends and one of my motivations to write here and be rather open. However, I see zero evidence that this will be the will of the one winning the election and some tough things possibly need to be implemented. There is a risk however, that 20% of the parlament can go rough, but 80% will fight that side if motivated. Frustration, anger and smug is winning though in the political landscape today as I read the news. The intention is good, but the execution of politics is a nightmare. People are more moving away from each other more than trying to solve the problem that Swedes want to be solved. I will try to get more constructive. I have some advices, take it for what it's worth, a way to be concrete. I note (or at least hope) that religious international leaders starts to realize the division in the world and I think they meet as I write this (I'm following the pope on twitter). I wish they will see the seriousness of what is happening in the world and also mirrored in my country, so take a lead on that. But I have also a another one. Surprisingly we need to stop large gatherings of people, like demonstration, at least temporary as I think it can be a good way to mitigate evil poisoning the minds and can put a blanket of the fire that can ignite now at any moment. If we instead let people be able to express themselves, through internet, in well managed forums we could still have a democratic way forward in these time just as meetings over the internet got vital functions going although there was a serious pandemic burning through the population. A frustrated extreme left winger could smash his own computer if he now want's to be destructive in stead of ruining the life work of a shop owner. The Danish comedian that burn the Koran can broadcast it on internet and no one would care and not a single car will be burned for a poor guy with no insurance. So what about the medium of societal expression. Well use your creativity. Put yourselves in the shoes of Alexander Hamilton, one of the main authors of USA's constitution (my children loves that musical and I too), or one of the great philosophers that inspired the modern democracy or for that sake the founders of the original democracy, the great Greek philosophers, and all man and women that fought hard to improve and preserve what's great in cultures all over the world. Add some knowledge about what is possible with computers, examine the good mediums that works. Make sure that people with little computer wiz can get help to read and express in this forum in e.g. libraries or other public utilities. Organize knowledge better and change the debate process with more depth and where less insanity can kill with it's dark ray. Reduce the video content and increase text content in politics should be a mantra, yes improve reading skills in the population - it's vital. Moderate and make sure there is a proper tone, do this "democratically". The basic idea is to get people on board in the societal discussion how to organize our future to de-alienate. Internet can be inclusive and cure alienation if done right.

It's the year 2022 and as an Atheist I say you shall have only one God (see my post about my belief). Try do good and recognize when others try that as well. Agree to disagree if needed. Be a good winner and a good loser. Be wise. Listen and speak. And fight against insanity (yes I am fighting this battle constantly and I have trained hard a good part of my life - "I kissed the devil and hell froze over" - to give you a vivid picture). Finally, it all is team work. When we acknowledge this: "God will smile!", is my final illustration I would like to paint. A thought that rests deep inside of me, that most likely rests in all our minds. I think it's time to awake it now. The clock is ticking. In many many ways.