I Love You

The words in this title represent what we all want to hear. Maybe not too often, but something the one we care for should whisper to us just by their presence in our life. If this nerve disappears, and you only recognize him or her as someone who has the focus elsewhere - love dies and sadness and loneliness creep into our minds.

I remember watching one of my favorite TV show. What the host said made an impression and I have thought about it for some time. He told the audience how he and his woman, managed sensuality and the more sexual aspects of it. More specifically that they had a long buildup of the passion during the day or maybe even the days before they let their feelings loose. I thought this was brilliant. And it hit a nerve within me to continue and explore this thought. I think we should tell this story that is so profoundly important in today's fast-paced and for many shallow world. To convey a view that can heal ourselves and our partner if life drags us apart. To show what magic love can do if we let it in fully in our lives.

Of course this idea does not exclude a more spontaneaus and perhaps natural woven love in the relationship. I believe that a more structured approach at times enhance the everyday interactions. However, in my experience, leaning on only the intuitive bonding risk, in today's world, leading to a path that ends with loosing this connection. This "lazy" path, which likely is the most common approach, really does not have a bright future for the relationship, if you concider for example divorce statistics. One reason could be that todays society strive to catch the attention of the individuals. Like addictions to social media and phones with their content. But also our hard focus on individualism and individual fullfillment, that although have its benefits, may have the negative consequences we discuss here. However, humans are diverse in it's needs and mind, and there is not a single solution that fits everybody.

In this exploration of what all this would mean in my emotional landscape, the first thing to conclude is that love is not just sex. It's also the strong bonds you have with someone. That you share your life with. Mutual respect. Simply a joy in teamwork to manage children and obstacles in life. To lift each other. To see your second half not as an object, but someone that carries a part of yourself. A slight mirroring of our hearts; overlaid in deep connection. Love is, in an emotional sense, a unification of two souls. And by making this a moment and opportunity to show how we care for each other, and mix that with the profound and sensual drive that is sex - makes love more romantic, passionate, deep and lasting.

Also as I contemplated my own life. This thought that teased my mind, resonated within me and a flow of ideas sprung up; A kiss on the forehead in the morning; a slight hug; a gentle laugh together when one realized some humor; a romantic dinner; candles; a poem of love; enjoying something beautiful in nature together; baking bread; having breakfast in bed; flirting; a flower bought on a whim; a walk together in the park; encouraging words; reading something together; reading for each other. Yes, let creativity and focus on each other enter the day and play the role that you know your partner loves, but a bit more intensive than usual. And as the day becomes evening or shortcuts into the climax you both long for; be more sensual with more sexual hints and play. The clue in the message from the TV host, to me, was that both had this agreement to focus on each other for some time and care for their love and passion - one cannot help embracing such a thought.

And as an ending should connect and echo this texts meandering, and emotions; fixed in our minds, as a fix star guiding our journey together on this sea of gentleness of our souls. A poem seams to be the perfect statement to let us contemplate as the wave fade out and we senses that amazing sound, when the sea meets the shore.


The Beauty of Love


As we wake up and the dreams lift from our minds,

We see each other.


In the morning.

A dull and gray day.

You enter the kitchen.

With that silk robe that robs me,

Of my concentration.

And stories of love enter...

My mind


And we sing the stanza of affection and lust.


I see you.

I sense that you want me.

I want to feel you.

You want to be touched.

And we both long...

For love.


The acknowledgement.


I kiss you gently.

On the forehead and say.

Good morning, and you know what...

I love you.

Then you look at me with that smile.

A painter would kill for.

And your eyes tell me, with a slight wink...

I love you too.


The ode, the story of our hearts, flows through the day ...


I will then tell you a story.

To warm you with anticipation.

As the days felt cold.

The story you sensed in your sleep.

The lines that remained when I awaked.

How life can take us apart.

And we need to care...

For our love.


You give me a smile.

Touch my chin and then,

We eat breakfast.

With a mood that's so good.

That we have to laugh.

At what used to be sorrow.

You know, that used to be,

The lonely life...

Before love.


A flower you found.

In the garden, in a corner.

And now I see it.

In your hair, in your heart.

This art contains.

The essence of this day.

It's you and hence also me; reflected.

In a piece of nature's...

Love for us.


We set out to challenge.

To find another angle.

To show yet again.

That tenderness is not hard.

That we both exist.

In our mind that day.

And when we meet as the day ends.

Our souls sing...

I love you.