In the eye of a parent

One of my strategies as a parent, when the kids are a bit older (teenagers), is to try encourage my kids to think for themselves, let them have solitude, avoid conflicts unless it is important and just guide them a little. Trust them to take the right decision, and be a supporting rock if there is need. I spend my life thinking a lot, less time watching TV, more time exploring life, science and technology. And still I try not to push ideas on my kids. I actually enjoy being less of a parent parenting/teaching and instead spend more work in the background. This experience can be taken to a larger context. A lot of people out there are clever, intelligent, knows a lot and are objectively right in most of their analyses. But still, imbeciles in how they try to bang their ideas onto other people, onto other civilizations and cultures (no it's not about winning an argument - try do that with a teenager). There is an art to it that seams totally forgotten today. This can be exemplified by for example Semmelwise. He was right. Very importantly right as his ideas saved lives, many many lives. Still he was unable to spread the good news. Some may say that scientists where idiots who would not listen and others claim that Semmelwise was bad at communicating his lifesaving ideas. There is clearly two sides to this story, and we all should recognize both in my view. In a sense, we all should try to leave our teenage state, grow up, and learn to listen. Also when we want to argue for something, we need to learn that art as well, as adults does not fancy being parented. Many times when i'm right, i trust my children to reach the conclusion. Many times they end up teaching me instead in the end, which is something I enjoy and in the big context finds amusing. I think the success of humanity is mostly about teamwork, let's not forget that.