Iran 2022

I have got several Iranian friends and I want to write something about the recent protests. First of all, let's be fair. Western powers has not been kind historically to Iran and the hard Islamic ruling of the country would most likely not exist today if it hasn't been for westerners that interfered with the politics in Iran. This likely created hate that equated western values with evil. Sweden has not been involved in this bad actor behavior however, and certainly not my family. I cannot and shall not judge and condemn another country though, as I am too ignorant and it's not my responsibility to do that. What I can say is that I can put myself in the shoes of someone that lives in Iran and play that clip in my head when I get that horrible news (that a father in Iran got), that my daughter had been beaten to death, just because she want to dress differently. I would cry and then go to the streets, to express my anger for how the government would strangle those that want to be a bit more creative than the norm. I would question if the rulers really follows Allah will. I would conclude, no, that's Satan that somehow have poisoned the minds in the name of the great. Now all this is hypothetically and I always seek to be constructive. Sweden have gone through tough times historically, when the name of God was used by priests and kings to attack and kill in the name of the great. We had times when innocent women, that helped cure people from illness, bloody helping people, was accused of witchcraft and killed by the public in the name of God. Terrible things has been done in the name of God. But we as a society has managed to get ahead of those times and today people are not frightened, we are free from evil interpretations and insanity claimed to be God. Today when there is a social gathering, one of the most interesting people you can meet, is a priest of our religion that descends from that insanity. It's a pleasure to discuss and realize that nothing in modern society means that you must leave your faith. We all can coexist. So when playing that clip in my head I would not see myself overriding the will of Allah, but realize that we should move a step forward, look forward. To learn from what's good in a well functioning Western country, like a more relaxed and equal society with freedoms and ways to fulfill our dreams that may part from just staying home and raise kids, have a dialogue based on mutual respect and try to adapt without falling in the traps we have in western countries as well, like trafficking and exploitation of women and a tad bit too much focus on fulfilling ourselves, forgetting our children, forgetting our parents, forgetting that we are just a small leaf that play in the wind and should respect the tree of life a tad bit more.