(.  "A misspoken word,"
    "a Freudian slip and the silent self"
    "of the speaker shows themselves."
    "At least in the silent mind of a broken heart."
    "The Horse continues to laugh as heat"
    "from the other side starts to wind itself around worries,"
    "and memories of someone loved,"
    "who cries in the night.")

(.  "Most people will,"
    "as ages pass,"
    "experience sorrow and joy,"
    "cry and smiling feelings."
    "The complexity can start a fire inside that may seem irrational."
    "But it is one's  feelings!")

(.  "My guess is that the superpowers"
    "of people playing people are a sensitivity"
    "to the other side of us."
    "And somehow one needs to tell the mind"
    "to not overdo the thoughts."
    "To steer away from sorrow.")

(.  "Please note that a 'slap' is not only 'violence'."
    "It is also a way to wake us up."
    "We may all need that from time to time"
    "and if you see a friend when things cool down,"
    "life should go on and we all should be a tiny bit wiser.")