(.  "Follow the flow,"
    "but keep it cool!"
    "To spend time waiting for knowledge"
    "to develop is never wrong.")

(.  "I do not like"
    "when other people push things too fast"
    "for no apparent reason."
    "This includes me as well.")

(.  "The reason is one of my favorite principles,"
    "to put your paper in the drawer"
    "and let it grow."
    "Not waiting for ourselves second opinion"
    "is making the stupid the rule of thumb.")

(.  "Sure usually the first impression is king,"
    "but it is dull and unintelligent,"
    "like a lookup of a key in a hash table."
    "The coloring our soul does to knowledge"
    "is so fun and amazing"
    "that not waiting is a kind of crime.")

(.  "So sure,"
    "write the sentence,"
    "but afterwards,"
    "taste it like your favorite dish"
    "and you will discover a world that is just amazing."
    "You will find the human in you"
    "and also the humans around you.")

(.  "Like a good wine it will grow"
    "with grace in time"
    "and rest in your memory"
    "helping you with the next"
    "line of thought."
    "Maybe making your fellow human laugh"
    "or feel better.")

(.  "I am slow due to various reasons"
    "but I do let the world sink in,"
    "feeding it to my inner self,"
    "the one that is powerful."
    "My active self can struggle"
    "understanding what this math is all about,"
    "but then mindfully relax,"
    "feed it to yourself"
    "and wait for the miracle"
    "and you will start to see the solution"
    "in front of you.")

(.  "This is a trick that needs confidence."
    "This is not taught in school,"
    "too many,"
    "just too many,"
    "go around here thinking"
    "I can't,"
    "I shouldn't."
    "And we all are a miracle less rich.")