What is happening in the world. A revolution in the making in Iran, people going to the streets in China. A devastating war to kill the Ukrainian revolution and force darkness over their country. Well they are far away from me, this is only pictures I get from TV and internet. But there is still freedom of thoughts where I live and I think I would like to write down some of them.

In other parts of the world the information is controlled with great effort and therefore you cannot put their world view on equal footing with interpretations in the free world. In the free world, there may be controlling factors as well, but only locally. A researcher usually needs a grant to do their work, and of cause there is a problem with this, as it can restrict the freedom. But different countries are run by different people, belonging to different sides in the political spectra and many of the conspiracies are not realistic because of this fact. So no, climate researchers do not spend time on making their research political. There is no Jewish conspiracy and the Holocaust is as real as it always has been. The famine in Ukraine happened whatever Putin is saying and the Holodomor was a reality and a disgrace of the human enterprise. The earth is round. Elon Musk have done great work and is behind Teslas success. The covid issue is not something that was faked by the medical researchers. Vaccines are a great tool to fight death. Nato is not an offensive military organization that seek to destroy enemies. USA is not the devil. The western countries is responsible for a lot of freedom, but also death because of such things as slavery, as of concurring other nations, taking their resources. But do know, the people in the west, they organized, they invented things, they brought down the elite and put the people in power and fought for a civilized world. And the elite who did so many horrible things are no longer in power - in principle. But we owe the world that still is struggling to keep on spreading what's good and accept that there is two sides of our history.

Reality is however a horrible mess. And I have only one recommendation, try to keep two (many) thoughts in your head at the same time, it's hard but its a great achievement if you can do that. I do not claim I can, I fall in the traps of human nature as everybody else. I also generalize. I have difficulties to step out of my mind and go into the one I'm talking to. Misses some important fact. But still I believe the points above is true and that at the same time it does not give anybody a free pass to behave nasty. I do not like that e.g. Jewish people are attacked in my home country, I can see the mechanisms behind why they are attacked, and at the same time I do not give them a free pass to do whatever they like to Palestinians. I understand that this questions is too difficult for me to judge, I'm not educated enough, and I let the professionals meddle. I just keep on living enjoying my Atheists, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Swedish, American, English, Pakistan, Indian, Serbian, Russian, Iranian, Taiwanese, Afghanistanian, Tunisian (and all I missed) friends.

This brings about a point I would like to make. I will dress the idea in poetry as I like to paint a picture that I wish all leaders could have in their mind. I am of cause a nobody, but still I would like to contribute at least a seed of thought.

As I grown older, I recognize that a leader, or a speaker, should not think of oneself as a teacher that force feed the audience with information and rightful thoughts, a theme that I recogize poison the world today and is the actual inspiration to rehash this point again, that in a sense is obvious and not at all unique. This failed approach is not what I would call the way of God, or the way of a father, the way of a lover or the way of a fellow human. If you have something important on your mind, do not think that you are the sole one or group with knowledge or the genius that walk the earth or the one that heard the sheep's. People are more intelligent and informed than that, (treating a brain surgeon as a sheep is pretty crazy if you think about it), you are a servant and put in place as a gardener of all the seeds of thoughts, hope, ideas, life, death and things beyond, that lives in peoples hearts and soul. People are unique and each flower that grows in their heart is different, nurse them, listen to their nature, make sure the soil is full of nutrients. With your words and action resonate with the miracle of life, that will create a healthy rainfall that all these flowers need to flourish and color the world. And if you realize you fail and do not resonate. Take it like a man (woman) and contemplate why other (smart) people do not agree with you, reformulate and argue your point, and be aware that you may be wrong and need to recalibrate.

A good example that I have on my mind is Martin Luther King with his iconic speech "I have a dream". I think he really resonated in a good fraction of the people in the way I paint here. He was able to put words and momentum for a kind of revolution, or maybe that is too strong words, inspire thoughts that blossom and that contained a momentum of change that lead to much much better condition for people of color in the years to come. He was seen as a great threat to such a degree that he was killed. But this is my second point here. The garden grew by itself and with the right momentum and there became much more color in the world for the people in the years that came after his speech.

The legend of Messiah, is to me not a person, but in stead a state of mind in how we organize our societies, how we keep seeing the unique human, but also make sure that we also recognize the collective, the human enterprise. In a sense we need to accept that we are just different sides of the same idea that we are all connected and that we are not above any other human or country or religion or culture. It means that gardeners treat their work professionally. That they accept that the world is complex, that other gardeners also try their best to improve and find a solution, mitigate problems, and mediate in conflicts. In many years this state seam to move in the right direction. But today I see that it is under serious attack. Megalomania, supremacy and egoism seam to spread like wildfire. So I interpret the Messiah legend as not a single person, but this state and a teamwork of gardeners, that aspire to do good even if they do not agree on every point.

I could mention many things I think about when reading philosophy and learn about religions. But of cause not much knowledge do I have and I am pretty ignorant. Still some images rest in my mind. But more so I get an impression of these different cultures, by interacting with friends of different origin. It is not hard to find great points in all cultures, if you choose to view it with a positive mind. Many tend to focus too much on the bad side for my taste on what's foreign to their culture. So I will, to show what I mean, write down a few observations.

I absolutely love how Christians today focus on the word love. That is a guiding light to me, and a strength. To always have a fire inside the chest that speak of those warm feelings of platonic love and hence also respect. I also see how this religion has shaped itself where I live to be inclusive and open minded. I identify with the monks and their hard workmanship. I admire the Swedish priests and how thay managed to incoroprate science and a modern society with a 2000 year old religion.

The Jewish culture stand for me of clarity and a balance beteeen intelligence and poetry. My name is, although it comes from a deep Christian origin, also very Jewish - a mixup that happens e.g. when anyone of my relatives with this name visit countries abroad like Israel. Somehow this bound me with the Jewish culture although I might not have any Jewish blood. Their tragedy and horror also speak to me, with the warning finger against madness when the balance between thought and practicality is disturbed like in Hitlers work and Stalins Soviet which are evil because it is just some mad thoughts and not based in any reality.

Muhammed and his followers stand for me about devotion, a culture that are extreamly pleasant to interact with in my experience. It is like breathing fresh air when you hear a speach from them totally void of bragging and self fullfuillment and with a strong focus on being the servant of the word more than the teacher of the mind, this inspires me.

The hindu culture is mystical and strange to me, one of the oldest tales of words beond life. Their pictures and boiling life and also rebirth is a theme that comes more and more back into my stream of thoughts. The glitches in reality that opens the door ajar to something else is sending me back to life before, at least in my mind. It stands for history and as a seeker guide me to search what was before. To strive for enlightment and not eternity.

Buddhism, this is about philosophy, to become the image that Buddha represents. To seek an interpretation where no God is assumed, to put a meaning to it all with no heaven and hell. To intellectually unify and be inclusive. And to always reach for a smile, humor. Even if it does not materilize on my lips.

The East tradition with the iconic Yin and Yang stands for balance. This picture is so fundamental that it hangs in the wall of my mind and always remind of the interplay of the extremes. To reduce myself to listen to my opponent to realize that interaction and conflict is not always a bad thing, it can be creative. And yes creativity itself is the balance act and productive conflict between logic and poetry which is my style.

Science, philosphy, logic, Atteism, Humansim. All things I value extreamly high. This makes me feel like I also are a flower that is beutiful of my own, in a way at least. I am many times in this role. Being productive. It gave the theoretical framework how to accept religion and keep it as a poetic picture that makes me whole as a human. It gave me a view that makes a God or gods not a nessessity but a possibility and in a sense saved me from going too deep. It makes it easier to accept other cultures and religions as I am not bound to follow and believe in any one of them. It also made it possible to write this blog post as I have no stakes and obligations to follow.