Why do we need more mindfulness?

Because it is important to listen to each other.

One of the things I am most proud of

is when I stopped and listened to one person

crying for help.


I listened to her through

listening to myself.

Suddenly I got a feeling

that she was not well

and I started to act.


Actually allowed me to act out of instinct

more than there was a clear intellectual signal.

It helped her,

she later found her love

and she thanked me,

telling me,

I saved her life.


If there is something I will remember

when old and it's time to give room to new life,

it is the moment,

when she said thank you.

Of course you will not always be right

or successful,

but please try to listen,

because if it is one thing

which I would like everybody to feel,

it is these words.