Move Slowly

As the gas prices has skyrocket here in Sweden I needed to take care of my driving habits. And one of the biggest contribution to this is a 300km journey I quite often take to visit friends and family. So what did I do. Well I now drive much much slower than before where I hypothetically drove over the speed limit. Anyhow when it comes to higher speeds the main contribution to the resistance that the car need to overcome is due to wind resistance. And that increases with the square (if it where linear e.g. no power, you save nothing by lower the speed which is somewhat true at lower speeds). This means essentially that reducing the speed by 10% means that the air resistance reduces with 20%. So if you drive 90km/h in stead of 100km/h you save 20% of the gas for the trip if it all was due to wind resistance. If you are used to speed, say 130km/h and lower it to 80km/h on a 100km/h road you save quite a substantial amount of money. I try to keep 80km/h now and never above although as I do not want to stop the traffic I usually speed up if needed. But the roads I take is quite low traffic wise so this means mostly 80km/h. I now save almost 50% of my gas compared to before and hence 50% less \(CO_2\). Also I tend to be less stressed and as I like to contemplate things it is never boring. Actually I find my self enjoy the trip more than stressing to get from A to B as fast as possible.

If all Europe would lower the speed on the roads it might compensate for the next winter that can be very tough, if all the world did that, the oil demand would go down and as well the price.

The daily commute has a much larger toll om my gas consumption than what I thought. And hence I work from home as much as I can. Fortunately I can do that and I have a good employer that allow me to do that as long as I perform well which I of cause do. Again this save me money and also saves on carbon dioxide emissions and as I love to cook, I eat much better. As I have great walking areas around me, I tend to take a 15m walk very often to analyze problems, structure the day and just enjoy the beautiful nature we have. Lunch prices has sky rocket as well and I tend to eat less in restaurants at lunches and now cook much more which is great both for health, but also the food I make taste better in my opinion. In all, although prices has gone up, I was able to counter that by changing habits and I am now back to a slight gain over a months time which I probably will spend on the vacation and help for those in need as times are so terrible.