My Belief

Well basically what I believe in is in humans. In a sense our nature is both good and bad. We tend to think in we and them and treat life as a football field. Maybe our nature to do that is calmed by the fact that you can go to sports events every now and than and enjoy artists on a superhuman level, and chant together against your opponent. Yes it can go out of hand but we are not talking about killing people in tribal wars.

So I'm a humanist that enjoy the life here on earth and see the magic in mundane things like a beautiful sunset or people, who love each other, kissing, spreading their warmth to each other and we older, who have had our time, can enjoy the poetry of the rebirth of life. A nice espresso on a cafe' actually not especially expensive things, that we can afford to let all people on earth color their lives with.

Then we have the dark side. Insane and insecure leaders that poison his or her people with whimsical ideas. Where humanism can't grow to resist it, as the leaders has monopoly of their thoughts. How "Nazism" is spreading in the way that was thought up by Goebbels. How opponents are sent to jail, how lies and alternative reality is fed to the uncritically trained minds, hence undermining their own and others security. How evil words whispers air castles or air bastions that demonize the opponent because all information they use are from the echo chamber. Mass psychosis that are spreading. How magic tricks that foul our mind is used to chant masses against those that try to keep a sane line of defense. Evil is spreading today. I see it, we see it and we are not stupid. We will fight for freedom of information, freedom to love whoever we love, freedom to think differently, freedom of our body and soul, freedom from insanity, freedom from poverty, freedom from sickness and freedom from natural disasters and climate catastrophes. Yes I and many other are very prepared to fight for the freedom of our children and fellow humans.

Now what about religion. I like to understand what I believe in. And actually Humanism is basically all I need and I am not basing my belief on any religion out there specifically. More that I'm philosophically religious. I like to have some principles and vivid pictures that may involve for example excerpt from Christianity, which is natural as that is what I've grown up with know a little about and want to end may life with.

The first bit of information to mention is Moses first law: that we shall only have one God. I know the context as at the time many God's was worshiped. But I found something I really like in those words. Only one God. At first read it feels selfish if you look from the perspective of God's eye. Like someone strong and with power and who you should not go against. Who you can trust to give you victories in wars and life. But then after sleeping on it, it grows, more humanistic thoughts start to take over and I vision people all over the world worshiping their God, to pray to and get you fortune to win over those who believe in "Satan" and I see him clearly, "Satan", how he fools us to believe we are special, our religion are special. My scientific belief is more special than you who believe in old books. I see the arrogance in the belief that you are the enlighten and I feel humble and think, well you should only have one God.

In a sense to me God represent the information that flows through space, it could be just words that go from mouth to mouth, stays in the mind a while and then flows with the life of us. This is sort of a disappointing view for many who want to believe in a God creature, like some other species. But most likely, if God is intelligence that live in our world and guide us, we must be open minded for what he can be. I do not believe he is the creator of the universe, as the speed of light will prohibit that such a creature can think as one unit. A thought by it will take forever if it has to flow from one end of the universe to the next. It can be more like a mycele e.g. the part of the mushroom that lives in the earth (the mushrooms are actually just the fruit and the mycele is the individual). We have found mycele that can be spread out in huge areas and it's so large that although it is connected, it has the spirit of many individuals in one. Anyhow God to me is a living being and intelligence that does not break any of the laws of nature, just like us, but more persistent and reach out and connect more or less to all of us. He flows where matter flows so to speak. This is of cause speculative, so just think of em like bit's of information if you are so inclined. What I like about this image is that it teaches us to listen to each other. Your opponent may be crazy and then suddenly he says something that makes you tick. What you have ponder about night after night just make sense with this bit of information. you see the light and the pieces start to fall in place. This is happening to me over and over again. I'm actually amazed by it. It feels that we are a gigantic team that tries to make life going forward. It is humbling and very much against the strong individualism we see today.

To this I want to add the "Judgment day". I think that in order to end our life here with a smile you need to think and react to many impulses. I try my best to feel if something is right or wrong when doing something. I try to envision that if I take this action and judgment day really, I mean really comes tomorrow, How would I feel about it. I think that you always should spend some work on meditate or think about it, try not make the decision hasty and if you imagine a calm soft whispering that touches your soul like the ocean touches the beach to the sound of poetry, I think that you will do the actions that will lead to your smile.

This little text is summarizing a little of my belief. Life is of cause larger, it grows with you. It's impossible to cover all ends of life and whatever we do, you will do good and bad. Written words are written words, they can be edited. We are just a simple human in a complex world, we try our best to stay afloat, enjoy it, make it a little better. Even if we fail we have at least tried. And whatever grandiose thoughts we have we are just a small fart in the universe. Now I've been serious for enough time. Do not forget humor, enjoy life, like Sanna, the wise finish PM, dance, and have a good day.