Non Radiation

Previously we saw that it's possible to define an electron as a set of great circles on the sphere and for this model conjecturing that the resulting angular momentum is as much as possible, but maintaining a uniform density has the propert that if we put that this angular momentum represent the electron intrinsic spin, then following this model, correct ionisation energy of hydrogen can be calculated. So the question is what more this model can show?. Now if each moving loop has a moving density \(exp(i n \theta - w t)\) then if this loop is a loop of charge, then the resulting density is non radiating. Super position of non radiating loops of this kind is non radiating as well due to the electromagnetic fields being linear. In order to make this scheme reduce to it's core and that's that we must make sure that we move the loop minimally rigidly to its place e.g. we need to consider a measure on the subsets of \(O(3)\) which are combination of rotations along \(\hat x\) and \(\hat y\). The question now is if the resulting measure on the Sphere is what Mills is deduce.