On Charge

I now stopped the development of my article, and submitted it to a preprint server. It's not finished, but in such a good shape that it should attract the attention for more work and start spreading. The article is here. The next step is to be affiliated with a university that can help with library resources, feedback and improve the total lack of a historical context and add references to the "shoulders of the giants". I'm not totally ignorant and have certainly taken advantage of other people's work and should make sure to reference them. The plan is to take a sabbatical leave and finish the work if I can get the attention as it is a kind of catch 22 that you need to finish the paper and get people to read it to actually produce it in a form so they would accept spending time on it. Almost all of theoretical physics is based on QM, but this is more fundamental than that, and that's a real issue as just this fact makes it go to the dust bin, as QM is wrongly assumed to be the base to start with. Instead my work is probably implying QM as a mathematical construct.

The basic building block is a current loop with a fixed amount of charge, and it can be stretched. The current moves at the speed of light and the awkwardness of the model originates from this concept. We define the physical laws in the rest frame of these charges and that's the trick to enable limits on the energy density using a few new fundamental constants. As this rest frame is unique and the speed of light is the same in all reference frames, this construct is invariant of any reference frame that moves with constant speed less then the speed of light. Now you may say that this reference frame does not exist, and that's true! we need more information and one needs to perform a scaling and limiting argument to properly define this reference frame and laws. By fixing that limiting procedure one can mathematically refer to a rest frame even for something that move at the speed of light. This concept is admittedly mind bending and hard to grasp and demands some serious maturity in analytical reasoning and it's a new avenue that is neither classical nor modern. It's not even alien mathematics as it is all defined through 20th-century mathematics. It's simply a new beginning and I foresee a great step in our development of understanding of the world. With this comes some possible opportunities of applications.