On the stability of Mills GUTCP orbit sphere

One of the most common critique against GUTCP's orbit sphere are that it can't be stable because the electrons in the shell will explode if you put electrons in a sphere although the perfect sphere would be stable. Any small deviance from it will make it go boom. So I have taken previously the freedom to assume that the sphere is in a sense is solid and resistant to deformations due to non exactness of Maxwell's equations for high enough field levels. E.g. space is not perfect. Now I think that I have made this argument solid (pun intended). The helix model shows that you can have a very small tube with a fm thinness (the order of proton radius modules some numbers like pi 2 etc). In all a helical model means essentially a solenoid ring and the current will be at the speed very very close to light. If we now move the helix as a solid in counter of the helical movement we have created a system with net velocity 0 (e.g. at rest) but in the frame of reference where the solid helix is not moving there will be a helical speed very very close to c. This means a very high B field and the self interaction with the moving charges will create an attractive force that counteracts the electrical self repulsion. There will be a balance and if we assume that the system is stuck at the level where the B field is maximal we reach a conclusion that at that level the radius in the lab frame is in the order fm. I postulate that the e,h,me parameters is defined through the maximal limit of the E field and the B field. Now let's start to add the tubes together if we do not reach the maximum filed values Al would work and it creates an orbit sphere like structure. The nice thing is that if we add the rings together like this we would get the same B field in each point in the sphere except in a extremely small region at the north and south pole. Also we get a constant moment, but h/2 this time. Think of the final system as two very close spherical shells where the current inside them keep the planes together in order to minimize energy. Also these forces makes the spherical shells e.g. the orbit sphere will be very resistant to explode like we described in the intro and which is what people usually is complaining about GUTCP. I tried to deduce this force balance in a previous post about the helical motion previously here, and link to a blog post by me (yes it is a blog post, just because it is a lot of math in there you must have it in a pre print server and as scientist hate models that try to find an alternative to QM one can't publish it an get peer review so why not just put it as a blog post - it is in the end just an opinion stupid!). Anyhow it now all fit's together. Another heretic consequence of this model is that we can't move to a reference frame too close to the speed of light and hence not all Galilean reference frames is the same indicating that there is a rest frame. Look it like this, as we can't practically move to those speeds, we can't detect it so that there is a zero reference frame or not will practically be a philosophical question, but noticing it tend to make space more understandable and much less mysterious. Else combining these tubes will make Mills theory philosophically and mathematically sound, practically speaking it will not change GUTCP much regarding hydrinos and atom physics. When it comes to particle physics however I bet these models will be important and some numeric indications suggest that. Anyhow look how nice this model also explains Pauli's principle. If you put two electrons with the same spin on top of each other you see that you double the B field and the system is impossible at any radius. But if you have a spin up and a spin down you will still get attraction forces that hold it together but the B field cancels, and is not limiting anymore. Probably there is more to say to study this point - this is currently just an indication why the spin up and spin down can live to gether but two of the same kind does not (I hate to write this, but if you conclude the same for people of the same sex you are pretty ignorant, stupid!).