So let's enter the post with an esoteric personal reflection,

Consider our inner silent voice of intelligence, our guardian angel, or whatever you call this companion dual personality. I think we all have an underlying persona that is unconscious and serves our conscious with images and creativity. And by nursing that side and letting it speak, we heal as a person. I believe, if we were previously too focused, this mindfulness will help our intellectual endeavors as a human. This is at least my experience. I will consider this notion as a fact throughout the rest of the post. It's worth noting that this idea might be controversial. I'm not an expert on these things, I'm merely sharing my personal experiences.

This duality, that we all walk through life together with, is quite remarkable. From time to time in my life I have needed to retreat and rest as my body fills with stress and emotions. I remember the first time this happened. Somehow I started to play a little on the piano. I never do this as I am not really able to play the piano. But this time I started to explore, and it calmed my stress. After a while I learned what combination gave harmony and how to move along a scale. I started to let my intuitive self move the fingers. After a couple of weeks, I visited my parents and they were just amazed with what they heard. They still talk about that special moment today as they expected something completely different. Although the key combination was of course not as complicated as what a well educated piano player could produce, the mood that you have in many of the piano compositions could be matched. My favorite mood was the one you find in Chopin's works. And while I played, my mind flowed through an imaginary space. The other side of me steered the fingers, calming my being, thus reduced my stress and pain, and got me through the day. This event did not repeat as I developed other tools to manage my stress. Well almost, last month I was on vacation and in one room there was a piano standing and I got curious if I could still explore and yes, there still was something left and I could enjoy this contemplation once more. One of the reasons I write is that I think that these moments occurred because I was too focused for too long. Now I spend the evenings relaxed allowing my intuition to interplay and enjoy how it whisper its ideas into my mind. This interplay is to me wisdom, to be creative with our intuition on one hand, but also weigh the ideas in a way that touches ground by our self consciousness.

With this anecdote of illustrating a more soft topic that sort of opens our senses up a little, we move on to a more serious theme and explore it with more logic and focus in our toolbox,

Guilt by association is a strong way to lure and confuse our intelligence. It can be stressed so we lose touch to reality. We somehow evaluate risk by knowing that person A met person B or even weaker connections and then the intuition fills in the gap. I have friends that talk about some of our political elites as being controlled by some mastermind in Davos. They believe that simply because these politicians meet, they should all conform to certain theories as if they all were controlled robots. This is one of the strongest risks when it comes to loose grip with reality. It's not strange that we have this intuition; it has helped us from getting into troubles from more or less cruel people who play the chessboard of life so skillfully, walking over others to get ahead. I think that this mechanism of short-circuiting our judgment by taking these hasty conclusions are why we have a careful juridical system that is evidence based and rooted in reality. Because if the feeling would rule the people, terror will result. And to write out and spell it so darkly that we feel how deep things can go; anyone who could help us touch ground would hang in the trees or be beheaded. Just like the terror of French revolution where these mechanisms seemed to take over, considering the history lessons about that time. I think that it is one of the weaknesses we have in our open western societies and something to watch for. Somehow sometimes the people who believe in conspiracies have fallen for this phenomena of simplifying the human nature of the men and women in power. And fall in a trap to view them in a way, that differs from how we perceive ordinary people. To miss that all humans get influenced from many different direction and meld it into a personality of their own. So it is important to understand that it's not just that seemingly damning connection that links them together. You need to zoom out and realize the full network. Our Humanity.

And then let our soul get a little bath in art, just so that we feel that human connection that helps paint the life in happy colors.

I will end this post by trying to express my intuitive part by conveying a poem (writing is something I do to keep me from entering these dark moments). This dance is also exemplified in this whole post as well as the theme of the poem, e.g. how we mix more imaginative and soft sides of ourselves and let it blend, sometimes a bit whimsical and unconnected - but still an explosion of creativity, with a topic that is more focused, and you see how it connects the circles and creates that continuing feeling that so much is life. To feel how the thoughts and emotion will ring into the future just as a circle can get flattened (as a nod to Fourier) into an infinite song of life. The following piece is simple and a little naive poetic expression but still an illustration of what I want to say in this post. That we also paint the colors of the emotional side of the message, importantly, that we try to respect and believe in humans. That we respect people even if we think that they are wrong. This goes both ways.



Music is not just some vibration in the air

That presses atoms together in a dance in space.

No music is a strange talk, is a connection to before.

And ring you into the future

To what connect us all.


Looking at the magic,

That true artist perform,

Is like putting your head to rest.

While god or the other side

Gently let its hand ...

Through your hair.


Dancing is a movement,

Together with all of life.

Contained in a ring of joy,

That encircles me and you,

and the ones that guards our path..


Writing a poem about life,

A life that we all share and respect,

Is not just about you and me,

But also it's about the epic flow,

That we need to protect.


You may believe in god,

Or in a soul of all,

Or in a philosophy of men,

Or just to end with a smile.

The poetry do not care.

The poetry just talk.

To all our hearts


But whatever we trust.

On this path to the end.

We share our world.

And hate should not be cast,

Against the ones who do not...

Think like you.


And then a little introspection

A view for those who uses my eyes

A note to myself

If life has learned me one thing,

It is that life that we live,

Is best colored with love,

And respect for that which is not me.


In conclusion, this post takes up the burning issue of mistrust and how we demonize our opponent, how our human nature can fool us. And although I criticize people for rushing to too simple explanations and reach for conspiracies, I also take their side in the poetry produced as we still must respect each other and also be humble and do not short circuit our discussion and avoid listening and discuss worries immersed in some of the conspiracies out there. I certainly see a lot of shortcuts taken when it comes how we handled the coronavirus infection. I usually do not take the extreme side here, but I do see that there is a lot of work for scientists and communicators to clean up some of the information and nastiness out there where this lack of understanding in a sense put gasoline onto the fire.