Pig and Dinnner


Can you propose a Christmas poem about a pig contemplating how he will make the people enjoy the Christmas dinner.


Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the barn The pigs were a-snuffling, their snouts in the yard They dreamt of the treats that would soon be their fate A feast fit for kings, and they couldn't wait

But one little pig, with a twinkle in his eye Was full of excitement, but also full of sigh For he knew the fate of the Christmas ham And he didn't want to be the main dish, ma'am

So he thought and he thought, as the pigs snored away How could he save himself, on this special day? He could run and he could hide, but that wouldn't do He needed a plan, something clever and new

And then it came to him, in a flash of pure piggy glee He would be the star of the Christmas show, you see He would put on a performance, the likes they'd never seen And they would cheer and clap, and they would all say "queen"

So he practiced and he rehearsed, until he got it just right He sang and he danced, with all of his might And on Christmas morning, when the family came to see They were amazed by the pig, and they let him be

He wiggled and he giggled, and he made them all laugh And they decided right then, that he would be spared So the pig was saved, and he lived to see Many more Christmases, as the star of the feast