(. "After a good night's sleep,"
   "whispering ancient words"
   "in an unspoken language"
   "touches my soul,"
   "and begins its journey"
   "to my fingers.")

(. "I sit and wait"
   "for inspiration."
   "Then suddenly,"
   "the flow comes.")

(.  "A tide of ideas"
    "that twists my ancestors lives"
    "with what has reached my eyes"
    "and ears throughout the decades")

(.  "I see myself as a child,"
    "I feel my angst"
    "when fighting"
    "for my own sanity"
    "at rough times.")

(.  "I feel the times"
    "when love was wagging me to sleep."
    "But also I feel"
    "the fear of many lives.")

(.  "I feel the determination"
    "to never give up."
    "Souls that are hardening in the night."
    "Freezing soldiers dreaming of home,"
    "the loved.")

(.  "I cry."
    "Then the pencil starts its dance"
    "and the magic of life shows itself.")