Have you ever thought about that mysterious enchantment that was present in our consciousness a few generations ago? A little sun after a heavy rain shower, then zooming ahead on the wet roads now warmed by the sun, makes me think of the Swedish artist John Bauer's pictures. You know, in Sweden John Bauer was the one who brought forth those enchanting beautiful mystical images that whispered magic into our childhood and perhaps made us sweat a little in our dreams. If you slow down, you might experience Bauer's elves' dance in a modern asphalt embodiment. Also, this time of the year, if you wait until the evening and take a trip to the countryside, the white summer mist is now lying all over meadows and land as a gentle nod to those dreams, we dreamed in our youth.

I'm thinking about the golden glow of the sun, especially on a summer day that turns into evening. How it gently touches our inner strings so that we become open to enjoy a little extra company. If you're on a small road trip, this glow is so transformative, as its flares interact with the moving landscape. The feelings that are nurtured by the early evening light. Emotions that are so strong that the children put aside their mobiles and actually listen to some of nature's poetry. They open their eyes and we engage in that intimate conversation, we parents long for. Cherish this moment and take advantage of the spark that just burst. A little later, a dramatically beautiful rain cloud may appear. Where the sun, the mother of all life, is hidden like a sparkling treasure underneath the whirling tones of gray and fiery shimmerings. That treasure that you want to keep hidden a little longer. The cloud threatens with yet another rain shower, but we just coldly watch and admire. I let my son have the lake view, but the dark and dragonized cloud married so well with the smoked shrimps. All washed down with some alcohol-free IPA. The night's soul and the connection to my son really sang memories into my marrow.

Have you ever mused what spontaneity can do? How plans shatter and how the unknown make for a unexpected evening. An evening that forevermore will have a room in your heart. I was planning to go out alone at a fancy restaurant, continuing my exploration of food. While I was driving into the city, for some reason, I felt that I should start the evening relaxing at a park and drinking some soda. But as I stood there thinking about the simplicity of life I changed my mind and ended up buying a hot dog at a nearby facility. Eating it together with some struggling souls. In a rough place where food is cheap and loneliness is deeply engraved in the walls. While I slowly took a bite, I listened to a man, that rested alone on a bench, who mumbled towards no one in particular. "Ah that beautiful stream", he said, "that brings so many memories of my childhood exploration", he continued and then painted the landscape in words. His words sat my feelings and thoughts in deep connection. All while the television was showing some horse race. A race that none cared about.

Listening to his story gave the key to my next whim. Take a tour on the roads you traveled so many times in your early life - my unconscious whispered. So I planned a new route. First get a spring roll, from that woman with the warm smile. Then head to beautiful Åbyggeby - Hille - Mårdäng - Oppala - Björke - Dammen... and end at the old sawmill by the stream. That place that was taken down long time ago and now only remains as a natural chamber. A green cave that whisper poetry with its tree crowns and playful waterways. It's the historical ground where my ancestors sawed timber, maybe had a simple chat about the future, with a beer in each other's hand. All while they rested from their hard work. Oh those spring rolls never tasted so good.

Think about it, life often takes new unplanned turns. Opportunities usually don't come from just a straight path. Habits often must be broken so that plans don't become too perfect. As it happened, I ran into my son by chance on my way back. He was walking his dog with my parents in that beautiful forest, that my father has cared for in so many years. This forest that hovers majestic on top the sandy rests of the big ridge in the area. Indeed it was a surprising coincidence since I was on the road from my little picnic. I was supposed to go to the city. This threw him off balance, and he could not resist joining me on a trip towards the sea. Towards a fishing camp, that lends itself so well to a rest as the sun sets. This was something he did not want earlier when I wanted to tease him into an adventure this evening. Instead we let the evening enter, together, enjoying some of the greatest scenary that can be found in the area as we talked gently about life. He is becoming a young man, and I shared some thoughts about what will come in life. His dog was resting below us, almost sleeping, as sounds of humans talking, sounds of his best friend and loving owner; relaxed its being. And we could both feel how our voices, flowing between us, as a breeze of words that bonded us together; also touched an animal, more primitive than us, but still a part of our souls.

Neither he nor I ended up spending the last hours of the day alone as we had planned. Instead, we shared something simple yet so profound - the kind of experience that is greater than life itself. The kind that you can't buy for money, the kind that everyone can afford, if we just open our minds. It is really amazing how life meanders in ways that we cannot foresee and create a tapestry of events that makes us grow as humans. Makes us resistant, as we can handle change with grace, when the unplanned enters our life. Makes us humble, as we did not plan it, it was a choice of fate or simply a random game, or simply our instinct. In a sense this post is about being mindful and taking in life in a way that has the potential to become much greater than what we planned. Be it for an evening together with friends or family or simply the unexpected that nature can deliver.