The taste of life trickles down

And that warm glowing light inside is somehow

Wagging the night into dawn.

I wake up in the early morning,

Darkness outside and

Memories of smiles and laughter,

Echoes between the wall's of solitude.

And it touches me.


The dreams enters the morning steps,

And one slowly enters the knowledge

That we can't name.

Senses something that calm my worry,

A taste of love or a taste of unconditional warmth.

I want to reply in the dream

How to touch another soul.

Just want to spread this insight,

That glow of life.



I awakes with a tremendous hunger.

Hunger for life.

For hearing a happy clinging laugh.

The world starts to move.

People in the street, cars on their way for day's work.

Life in all it's detail.

Bubbles of hope, wishes, love

And a focus on today's tasks.


I'm thinking about the sensation of life.

How the world dresses in such a fine cloth ...

Silk, sensual, beautiful.

The kind that just makes you want to touch the day,

And feel that tactile sensation of a warm body enclosed ...

Shivering, and longing.

The world is longing for us to touch it.

It want to be sensual,

Want us to treat it as a mistress of life

And not something you throw in the scrap yard.


Focus enters as the day continues.

I put some music on to make the air dance around me

As I starts to write a few words.

On that mundain work,

On that, that brings in food to the table.

I tap my fingers ...

And then let them gently touch each other.

I think back and smile about what matters.

Then a new idea enters and that work you work on ...



This is a life lesson for me.

Breaking the circles,

So that we can relax and read our inner soul

Touching in circles

Or these tactile methods that help you remember yourself.

Shift focus.

Let the flow of life interplay in days work.

Let it enters my choices.

And the logical conclusions is colored,

with those strange colors,

that only lovers can paint with.

Then focus, and the equation is solved.

Yeah the mystery of life,