The Scientist

(.  "Nature, a breeze that we do not let into our castle"
    "the gate is closed and we won't wind it down"
    "We are afraid of the cold shill"
    "as it spokes to our hearts"
    "to let us flow,"
    "more gently than the speed"
    "that we are heading")

(.  "Then the enemy comes and we fight ...")

(.  "They fight, and call us insane,"
    "for doing what's right"
    "They fight, and call us weak"
    "because we are afraid"
    "They fight, and call us stupid"
    "because we do not lie"
    "They call science fake"
    "although truth is bend"
    "around Satan's finger")

(.  "Then I stop and look"
    "at the shadow in the corner"
    "I look in the dream"
    "for a reflection of hope"
    "that some day people will start"
    "to actually think and behave")

(.  "Hate is flowing through the feed"
    "and I am wondering if it is true"
    "that's it just a troll"
    "that spread the hate"
    "and then I see how they cast their spell"
    "at brilliant minds and mortals"
    "and all fall for it")

(.  "Information is messed up"
    "by vandals with scissors"
    "that cut the red line"
    "into a heil of speech"
    "into pictures of feelings"
    "into words of hate"
    "into stupidity"
    "and in my dream I cannot scream"
    "as I am cursed"
    "into silence")