Trolls in Our Heart

In today's world, it seems that everything has become overly sexualized. From advertisements to social media, this focus often overshadows deeper connections and meaningful relationships. As someone who has navigated this landscape, I want to share my perspective on the matter. I can understand the excitement and enjoyment of sex. I certainly would not like to take us backward in time as many wonderful and good things have come out of all our effort for freedom of our bodies. I think instead that we should perhaps explore an old, but in our contemporary media, forgotten dimension. That makes the enjoyment of life even bigger in the sum of it. Today I fear that we lose something important in life.

I will exemplify what I mean to let you see what I think is wrong. And also perhaps understand how good things can be if we challange ourselves with a more romatic mindset.

We work hard and may not care to search for a companion - and then we realize; "Hey life, where are you"...

Have you ever felt like the digital world emphasizes superficial connections over deep and meaningful ones? I understand that people are different and accept that but I think that for a group of people love becomes better when you are a couple and can focus on each other. Today I am alone, but I think that I can be a very loving man if I find the right person though. I prefere to feel we are united in order to get interested, and that means romance. You know talking to each other and find a joint creativity between us. And slowly build up the heat. I tried local dating sites. For me, the chats never took off. I could not find a soulmate that touched me, that touched us. In real life, all the women I felt could meet this nerve, were already occupied. So I just worked my way through life, mostly in solitude at home. Still I know myself... I felt it was tragic thinking of all the people out there. That was a bit like me, someone who didn't get matched by his or her hidden love. Somehow, I felt as though the world had turned into a meat market where romantic souls got lost.

Byt why romance. Why not pure physical sex? Certainly both ways can coexists in a society but today we focus perhaps a tad bit too much on just the gymnastics. First of all, in my own experience, the best physical sex I have had, was in association with a romance. It really blew my mind how strong it was. Secondly, it bonds people together and make them in my experience more present in their relatinship. Thirdly, it's just beautiful and like fine art, it teases our intellect in a directions that makes us grow as humans and also makes us challange ourselves.

The subject of this post showed itself in an interesting way as I was defending against trolls on the internet, that was spreading its poison.w

People are often attacked in arguments with features of their personality, that does not have anything to do with the discussion point. I find that tactic disgusting. As we talked I noted how my linkedin page was summoned. A minute later their post appeared. Hey you incel... They wanted to make me angry and sort of paint me as a anti social type that was not fit for life or mental arguments. A stupid nerd simply. I usually responded by saying that I wasn't disturbed by this fact, but rather felt sorry for all the women who were missing out on enjoying time with someone like me. And every time they assumed I was talking about sex, every time. I found that sad that when someone thinks they are a great guy for a woman, that it only has to do with sex. I realized however that those trolls did not have a heart and that they will lose in the end. And they did, as I know how to argue well and stick to factual arguments.



In this night.

In this social darkness.

Souls wander helplessly.

Can't orient themselves.

A death of creativity...

Is our curse.


We all lost us in our bodies.

Forgot a sensual touch in life.

Forgot how to explore,

Our words and our hearts.

And don't let out the poet...

In us.


I wish more poets,

Would fill the world.

It does not need to be a profession.

Just some guts.

To add to life...

More beauty and love.


If you never felt a romance.

Where your mind burned each day.

Of love.

Try to be a bit more poetic.

Try to paint your life.

At least it will not be dull.

And a kiss from someone...

May end your day.


If we could match those tears.

That can't find its way,

To a heart.

If we could match it to cup of life.

A cup of another's lonely tears.

How much greater...

Life would be.


In all I would like to argue for more romance in our life. I simply think we would be more happy and satisfied with it if this was so. Of course I am not claiming I am right, just that my instinct tells me so. But then again I'm an incel and don't know anything about life. And this does not end with the dating.