This text is my own thoughts and I put it in the public domain, the text only wants to do good, it would be silly to claim publishing rights on such a text so please if you like the idea, improve on it and/or copy/link it as you wish.

I understand that Elon Musk do not want a nuclear war and he wants to do good, but he messes up so badly by using twitter and his approaches that today I have a bad smell in my mouth whenever I see something related to him. It's a psychological effect and not intellectual. I still admire his technical skill.

To illustrate why I feel like that is that I do follow the conflict closely as it relates to neighboring states of our country and we feel the heat much more than in e.g. the US. So what he did was essentially the same as wanting to get people to laugh and enjoy themselves, because one want's to do good. Then get the attention at a funeral of a killed child and deliver a couple of jokes. So if you want to make a stand, then don't do a random poll on twitter that is basically meaningless, as it can easily be gamed. Don't take it light hearted. Don't use twitter as what you need to say will need much more space and thought than what twitter allows. But link to the essay is ok.

I have done some similar stuff myself and the only good way to fix the situation is to acknowledge that one where clumsy, explain that one want to do good, ask for forgiveness, shed a honest tear and hug the family of the child.

Now, so let's get to work, let's try to do what Musks wants, but the correct way. To get peace ... to really get peace. First one need to see outside the conflict and get to the core of the problem. So let's start there. If one looks at the Russia television broadcasts you will realize that they live in an alternative reality, you will see that they see West as an enemy and want to be an opposing side in the world to West. They spend a tremendous amount of effort to troll people all over the world to hate the West and want West to go up in flames just because of all the bad stuff that West stand for in many peoples mind all over the world. We ourselves look at East and other countries and many of us want to fight the good fight for freedom, for equality, for democracy and so on. But we are at the same time blind to our societies drawbacks where we have a fraction that messes the image of us up. Our main problem is that many of us in the West are greedy, self fulfilling, non humanitarian, religion haters, single minded and manipulating bastards. We have a conflict between right and left, we have a conflict in many many directions. So it is easy to spread and saw hate by choosing the wrong side of us. But as I said in a tweet, when comparing with a Pakistani friend, a person that is a believing Muslim, comparing what we believe in, there is differences, but also a common core, we both want to do do good. And there is a quite obvious common ground in all main religions and humanitarian views what good means. Many many of us, look at the differences and point fingers and say, hey my version is much better than yours and forget about what's common to us. And some of us say: Oh you are just like me, we want to do the same. Well I think that your idea is a beautiful idea, but I can't agree on that because science does not .... But, oh well, this is not important anyway, so just get to work. You said you had a tremendous flooding, how can I help? Yes our usage of resources is way too much. I cannot vote for everybody here, but I will try my best to reduce my emissions ... The only way to avoid the train wreck to end in a nuclear war, is spending time uniting the alternating worlds in some way. That should be the target.

Now to the conflict of Ukraine. First of all, I do not know if the management of Russia really get a correct report what is happening in Ukraine. This is one of my hypothesis after listening to what they say, in speeches and from television shows that you can see on e.g. YouTube. What we know is that Kremlin limits what the people can see and read quite hard, but we do not, which means that most likely Russia is off the marks when it comes to reality. So this is an avenue to improve, to actually inform and discuss what has really happened in Ukraine. Sure in war people kill each other, but under restrictions that is agreed on by most countries of the world. What we see is that Russia is not following these rules and Ukraine try very hard to e.g. treat prisoners and people well, avoid unnecessary damage to the population and infrastructure. There are many many proofs that Russian army are behaving very very nasty. So just out of this behavior Russia should not get any benefit from doing this out of common decency.

Before this war started I met a woman at a party, we discussed a lot and I learned a lot about Ukraine. There was one issue she did not like, and that was how the Russian language was treated. But she also mentioned that it was under the process to be solved. Ironically Russia have now with it's dirty methods, most likely ruined this effort. If we do not get some kind of understanding and proper peace, there will be a very bad taste about anything Russian when the war ends and god knows how you can avoid that even if they manage to get a peace treaty.

The way people want to live is important and if in a region most of them want to be in a way that is in conflict with the larger population you have two pretty good options. Separate the people or that the larger population allows the smaller population to have freedom to be what they want to be. Yes freedom. The problem now is that with a high probability the regions that Musk suggest should vote have been "ethnically" cleaned. It would be a horrifying message to the world if we now did a referendum immediately and the result would be to please Russia. This is one of the bad flavors I get in my mouth when I see a new post about Tesla in my Twitter feed. We should not let this idea go away however, but think about something constructive. First of all Ukraine has the right to it's territory, and should get a chance to show to the people that they want them to have their freedom but as Ukrainians. What we need to work on is to make Russia trust this idea. That the people will indeed be well treated. If I was Musk I would suggest to donate some fraction of my wealth to build a university that for example preserves what people fear will be lost and money that is earmarked to rebuild Doneskt, Luhansk and other regions that Russia claims. And then of cause in the end a referendum can be made and suggested in the treaty, but only after enough time has past for freedom to grow. If Russia did not want this treaty, they do not want to help Donesk and all the other in the conflict area, they just want to grab land for themselves and to build a great insane empire, a reason which in some way may be true, if you consider some information out there.