War Vs Peace






War is best done, not wanting it.

But something that has to be done.

In order to see your children in the eyes ...

In the years to come.

To tell them stories ...

About tyranny and madness.

And what a real hero do.

To make our life free ...

Of men that bath in our blood.


War is best done, being stalled.

And talk and friendship bounds are made.

To spell the war away for ever.

Stalled in case the effort is truthfull.

And no craziness and mean thought.

Try to lure us with a false smile.

And snarl our souls forever.


War is better kept quiet.

To save the earth from sorrow.

To only whisper it's meaning.

So no killing is done.

But when the shadows starts to march.

Against our village of peace.

You better tell a story...

About the toughness of men.

That just wan't to see ...

Their children in their eyes.