Who am I

It's always good to reflect about your person, your action and how it is to be a human. First of all, what we write, is not who we are in private. We should all learn to separate what we ideally think and who we are as a human. There is so much to learn about this in our religions where it is accepted that we are not in any way perfect, and gives a way to learn and improve and take a step forward. Sometimes even one step back and two step forwards.

A well working entity of humans, a family or a group at work, that is functional, allows slack in how we behave. We sort of know that the social map we all have are more or less aligned and trust the map when someones runs off road. If someone step over a little bit we do not care, we can allow us to tease and "gnabas" as we say in Swedish, laugh together and know how to de-escalate.

One of the best features we can strive for is to listen and act on critique and also be able to carefully word critique by reading the other person. One mistake many does is that they believe the other party can read ones mind and totally misjudge the other one. And opposite, we try to read other persons minds and think we are good at it. We all do this more or less as it is beneficial for us as we could convey more information with less words and it bonds us together when it works. Now ask yourself what happens when you start to discuss and post on da intertubes. Yes, many times a total mess. Learning to be able to discuss with a stranger where you have strong opposite positions and manage to have a constructive discussion demands quite a lot from us and from what I see people are really bad at it, and I can assure you that it takes a lot of will power to stay calm and intellectually without the feelings running away. It's hard.

Personally I think that being a complete nobody, with essentially no followers, (mostly my closest family) with no power and constraints makes my writing here such a pleasure. After all it is just a way for me to search and improve my model, my image, of how I want to be by exploring what is happening in my surroundings. It's really is some kind of diary and exploration of what we do not see, the flow of ideas out in the wild. Most likely every thought one haves have been thought again and again and again. And one of the coolest thing by linking the text you contemplate, to social media, are that these search engines and algorithm finds information and people that have had a variant of your thought, before, and after you post it. Also with the flow of information we get inspired and it can be a fun exercise to track those down from what you have seen, read or heard during the day.

When surfing the information, give the information slack. The algorithm is not evil or good, it's just a mechanism, and there will be, if you think about it, quite funny, random mix-ups. I like this surfing as I do not have much deeper conversation on the weekdays, and I prefer exploring the intellectual before just daft entertainment put on the after burner (high quality programs on the other hand yes). I live in solitude, my children are older and they have a life (almost) of their own, so this kind of surfing is helping me to find something meaningful to do on the evenings that fits in the social section on my blog. My life is not terribly alone though, as we have a great team at work and I usually travel to friends and family in the weekends.