(.  "Frustration,"
    "you are so honest."
    "You show yourselves"
    "and we all try to understand you."
    "But for those ready to break up."
    "On the long journey called life,"
    "frustration is the fuel that enables you to take off.")

(.  "Of course I would like a smile,"
    "but also deep inside I am happy for you."
    "Although there is a tantrum,"
    "this is also a stepping stone for yourself"
    "as you will get older.")

(.  "Putting a blanket of love,"
    "one after the other,"
    "to warm those cold feelings,"
    "as you grow.")

(.  "Managing anger is an art."
    "And when 'old' becomes now,"
    "I'm sure you see it the same way as I,"
    "and you will watch new birds fly away,"
    "and then you will smile.")